Maglite 2 Cell C & D Replacement Maglight Bulb MAG-NUM Star II Xenon + LED INFO
Maglite 2 Cell C & D Replacement Maglight Bulb MAG-NUM Star II Xenon + LED INFO

Maglite 2 Cell C & D Replacement Maglight Bulb MAG-NUM Star II Xenon + LED INFO

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Maglite 2 Cell C & D Replacement Bulb  XENON MAG-NUM Star II Magnum 

 Also SEE - (LED INFO) Below 

Maglite Replacement Lamp for 2-Cell C & D Flashlight, 1 pk

Simply replace your existing bulb with this bulb – no modifications necessary!

             Please See below our LED upgrade info for Maglite's

STOP: YOUR  MAGLITE  or Flashlight Must use this type of PR Flange base bulb for the LED upgrade to work.


The 2-CELL Maglite MAG-NUMSTAR Bulb II Xenon; This bulb is be brighter than normal incandescent. The MAG-NUMSTAR bulb is rated for 3-Volts which on new 2-cell batteries. The output it’s about 49 lumens at 2.6 Volts (NiCad or NiMh batteries) and 73 Lumens at 3.0V (Alkaline Batteries). The MAG-NUMSTAR has 0.97Amps Current Drain. 

         These Xenon bulbs have a brighter spot beam focused in the Maglite with new batteries but will have a shortened bulb and battery life.

·         The LEDs will be brighter than the bulbs as the batteries discharge and should never need replacement. For some uses you may prefer the Xenon bulb option over the LED.

·         LED will have about a 4x-5x longer run time and be bright with near constant brightness with new or half-used batteries or even work with NiCad or Lithium batteries.

We recommend our brighter more efficient (lower current) LEDs below.

STOP! - We Aslo Recommend these LEDs also have a Great Upgrade LEDs made for both Regular or Rechargeable NiCad or Ni-Mh 1-6-cell lights ! 


 We recommend these regulated DC/DC LEDs to get the most light out of your batteries to be bright on low voltage batteries with high brightness 

from 1.5 Volt to 9V when batteries are new or even half discharged!

·5.0W CREE at 230+ lumens Bright -  202 Lumen (3.0 Volts)

- Cree 5-Watt LED Upgrade Bulb for MAG-LITE® 2 Cell Flashlights Replace Krypton

3W Cree at 200+ Lumens - 229 Lumen (3.0V)

- 3W - LED Upgrade Bulb for MAGLITE® 1 to 6 Cell Flashlights 0.4A, 1-9 Volt

2-Cell LED in the 2-C or 2-D Cell Lights. 3-Volt (2.7V - 3.3 Volts)

520 Lumen – Bright Cree LED 10W Bulb for MAGLITE® 2-Cell 3V Flashlight 2.7-3.3V Replace old Krypton (Needs Fresh Alkaline batteries for full brightness)


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