Constant Voltage LEDs Vs Constant Current LEDs

Constant Voltage LEDs Vs Constant Current LEDs

This explanation of LED types is to help make sure you have the best LED for your needs. (Note 2-cell lights need fresh, charged, or new batteries, 3-4 Cell or more LED/Lights are usually bright with either type of LEDs.)

We have two types of LEDs, “Constant-voltage” for fixed voltages (resistors to limit current) and “Constant-current” “Constant-Brightness” type work with a wide voltage range (DC/DC step-up or step-down voltage electronic circuit) to maintain constant brightness.


Constant-voltage LED – Best choice with most 2-Cell flashlights for infrequent short duration use. 

 These LEDs you purchased need a minimum of (2.6-3.3 Volts) can be bright or very bright and work well but needs good flashlight connections, switch contacts, and fresh new charged, or otherwise good batteries that deliver up to 1.0-AMP for full LED brightness.

            With a NEW set of Alkaline Batteries 3.0-3.3V these Constant Voltage LEDs will be Very Bright.

Constant-current LEDBest choice for flashlights that see heavy long-duration use.

We recommend these LEDs for some customers. Constant-Brightness LEDs will work even on weak and low batteries and still give good light. You may want those for some of your old lights or to use up old, half-used weak batteries. This LED type can use standard batteries or Lower voltage Ni Cads or even Higher Voltage lithium batteries. These LEDs are over-all very versatile to work well with old or new lights and with new or weak batteries.

     Will work with full or half-discharged Alkaline, NiCad, and NiMh Batteries these Constant current LEDs will be Bright.

Constant-Voltage type LEDs

We have LEDs we have made that will work better, be brighter in the particular # of Cells type of light and high voltage tool light LEDs over 5-cells.


2-Cell LED in the 2-C or 2-D Cell Lights. 3-Volt (2.7V - 3.3 Volts)

520 Lumen – Bright Cree LED 10W Bulb for MAGLITE® 2-Cell 3V Flashlight 2.7-3.3V Replace old Krypton


3-Cell LED in the 3-C or 3-D Cell Lights. 4.5-Volt (3.6V - 4.65 Volts)

720 Lumen - Very Bright LED 10W Bulb for MAGLITE® 3-Cell Flashlights 3.6V 4.5V Replace old Krypton

       Very Bright 480lm - 720 lm Brightness 3.8V to 4.5V

4-Cell LED in the 4-C or 4-D Cell Lights. 6.0-Volt (4.8V – 6.0 Volts)

520 Lumen - Cree LED 10W Bulb for MAGLITE® 4-Cell Flashlights 6 Volt Torch

     520 Lumens (6.0V = 520 Lumens, 4.8V = 345 Lumens)

Constant-current LED   (2-6+ Cell)

5.0W CREE at 360+ lumens Bright -  245 Lumen (3.0 Volts)

- Cree 5-Watt LED Upgrade Bulb for MAG-LITE® 2 Cell Flashlights Replace Krypton

3W Cree at 200+ Lumens - 229 Lumen (3.0V)

- 3W - LED Upgrade Bulb for MAGLITE® 1 to 6 Cell Flashlights 0.4A, 1-9 Volt

5+-Cell LED in the 5-C, 6-C, or 5-C, 6-C Cell Lights. Also these LEDs often used in Tool Lights (6.5 to 28 Volts)

352 Lumen - Cree 5 Watt XP-G3 P13.5s Upgrade LED for MAGLITE 5, 6, 7, 8 Cell flashlights

250 Lumen - LED Upgrade Bulb for MAGLITE® 5, 6, 7, 8-Cell light 5-30V Replace Krypton


360 Lumen – 5.0W Cree LED Universal Upgrade, Universal Polarity 360 Lumen (6.0 Volts) PR bulb Replacement 4D, 4-Cell 6V Lantern (1.5-9 Volts)

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