5W - LED PR Upgrade Bulb for *** 1 to 6 *** Cell Flashlights 1.5- 9 Volts
5W - LED PR Upgrade Bulb for *** 1 to 6 *** Cell Flashlights 1.5- 9 Volts
5W - LED PR Upgrade Bulb for *** 1 to 6 *** Cell Flashlights 1.5- 9 Volts

5W - LED PR Upgrade Bulb for *** 1 to 6 *** Cell Flashlights 1.5- 9 Volts

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Long Run Time, Constant Brightness, 5W - LED Upgrade Bulb for *** 1 to 6 *** Cell Flashlights 1.5- 9 Volts 


LED Flashlight Lamp PR Flange Bulbs Also for Standard 2-C,  2-D, 2-AA Cell Flashlights  for 1 to 6-Cells

--- This LED is an incandescent Upgrade: A normal incandescent bulb is about 10-15 lumens.

Note: This constant current driver is the best to operate from ½ the rated voltage and still have constant brightness to get the most out of the batteries.

******* This  Universal Polarity 5.0 Watt Cree LED is 255 Lumens 3.0 Volts, 350L 4.5V, 375L 6.0V, 370L 9.0V PR Lamp ******

We also have this LED in a PR13.5S Flange Base used in most flashlights.

5W - LED Upgrade PR Bulb w-boost dc/dc (1-6) Cell Flashlight 1-9V Headlight

Also please consider these brighter screw base LEDs

Use these LED to upgrade standard flashlights to superior brightness, efficiency, and longevity.

This 5W LEDs are a GREAT Upgrade bulb made for the 2.4V NiCad, NiMh, 2-Cell Lithium or 2-cell

(ALSO Headlights)

--- Super Bright Led's for Less --- 

Simply replace your existing bulb with this LED – no modifications necessary!

  • Works with standard 2 cell flashlights
  • Minimizes battery and bulb replacement waste
  • LED Bulb is Universal Polarity with bottom contact (+or-) Flange (-or+)
  • Focusability of the flashlight is preserved with these point source LEDs
  • Brighter Light for an improved vision for enhanced visibility of fine detail
  • Longer battery life from high efficiency LED
  • Long lamp life 50,000 hours of continuous use
  • Dependable and shock-resistant
  • Easy To Install

*MAG-LITE® is a trademark of Mag Instrument, Inc. Draco Products is not affiliated with Mag Instrument, Inc.


INTENSE BRIGHT LIGHT  The LED does not fade when it gets hot, so its light output is stable even after extended run times.

FOCUSABILITY These LED Point source lights preserve one of the most outstanding features of many flashlights, the ability to focus. A focused beam that throws a bright beam a very long distance.

LONGER BATTERY LIFE results from the higher efficiency of the LED compared to the standard incandescent bulb 10 Lumens/watt. These LED maintain a brighter white light output as the batteries discharge than incandescent bulbs which turn to amber light.

INDESTRUCTIBLE LED performance and lifetime operation. Unlike incandescent bulbs with a thin fragile filament that breaks, LEDs wear out very slowly. This is likely to be the last bulb you will ever need to buy. The rated lifetime is 50,000 hours.

EASY TO INSTALL as if just replaces your existing bulbs - no modifications necessary! 




Upgrade / Replacement for standard flashlight Lamp used in many applications that take a flange base light bulb 

1 to 6-cell battery-operated products (Energizer Zink, Energizer Alkaline,  PowerGenix NiZi, Energizer AA lithium, NiCad, NiMH, batteries.

This is a very popular style (P13.5S) bulb for Many Viewers, flashlights, and devices that run on TWO batteries.  

LED Bulb is Standard Polarity with bottom contact (+) Flange (-) 

*Specifications are accurate for this Miniature LED Bulb. Applications for this standard Flange type bulb are too numerous to list so the purchaser is responsible for compatibility with their actual product.
Thank You.


1 LED Flashlight Lamp, For 2 "AA" Or "C" Or "D" Size Batteries

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