2X of XPR18 326 Lumen Xenon PR Base Bulb 18V 0.6A for Tool Lights Flashlights

2X of XPR18 326 Lumen Xenon PR Base Bulb 18V 0.6A for Tool Lights Flashlights

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2x each of XPR18 Xenon PR Base Flashlight Bulb 18V 0.6A for Tool Lights Flashlights 


      These Xenon Bulbs are superior in performance to Krypton & Argon Type Bulbs                                              

NOTE: LEDs can be a better option Bright, Cooler running, Longer battery Life. Search Draco Products for your LED options


Cree 10 Watt XM-L2 LED Universal Polarity FOR Tool Lights -           Brilliant 520 Lumen



 ·       Buy two now and save on shipping, the right bulb is hard to find and you'll have spare for next time.

·       Item as shown accurately described w/clear pics. 

The normal 18.0 Volt XPR18 Xenon incandescent can be brighter and reflector-focused for tool light.

The bulb filament can break easily if dropped and has a short life on fully charged battery voltages. 

Xenon XPR18:
• 326 Lumen at OVER VOLTAGE of 22.0V Volts 0.65A (fully Charged battery) 15 Hours (Short Life!)
• 283 L at 21.0V Volts 
• 277 L at 20.5V Volts 
• 243 L at 20.0V Volts 
• 206 L at 19.0V Volts 
• 179 L at 18.0V Volts 0.59A 150 Hours (Average Rated Life)

We recommend our LEDs, just search for your tool light for the best LED options.

·       For 18V Battery operated products

·       Sold in 2x with each in Protective Lamp Wrap 

·       Replacement bulb for other numbers (See Specification and Reference list attached)


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