5.0W CREE - Bright LED 255+ Lumen Upgrade PR Bulb for 2-Cell Flashlights C D AA
5.0W CREE - Bright LED 255+ Lumen Upgrade PR Bulb for 2-Cell Flashlights C D AA
5.0W CREE - Bright LED 255+ Lumen Upgrade PR Bulb for 2-Cell Flashlights C D AA

5.0W CREE - Bright LED 255+ Lumen Upgrade PR Bulb for 2-Cell Flashlights C D AA

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5.0W CREE - LED Upgrade PR Bulb for LUMILITE Flashlights  Z-2D Z-2C Z-2AA  1.5-9V

Regulated Brightness, 5W, 255 Lumen (3.0V) - LED Upgrade Bulb for 2 to 6 Cell Flashlights, 1.5V to 9 Volt 

LED Flashlight Lamp PR Bulbs Also for Standard 2-C,  2-D, 2-AA Cell Flashlights or for 1 to 6-Cell

                          Upgrade to LED For Flashlights, Lumilite, or other Lights


Note: This regulating current driver is the best, being able to operate from ½ the rated voltage and still having near-constant good brightness to get the most out of the batteries.

******* This  Universal Polarity 5.0 Watt Cree LED is 255 Lumen (3.0V) to 370 Lumen (9.0V) PR Lamp ****

Use this LED to upgrade standard flashlights to superior brightness, efficiency, and longevity.

This 5.0W Cree LED is a GREAT Upgrade bulb for the 2.4V NiCad, NiMh, 2-Cell Lithium!

--- Super Bright Led's for Less --- 

Simply replace your existing bulb with this LED – no modifications necessary!

  • Works with standard 2 cell flashlights
  • Minimizes battery and bulb replacement waste
  • LED Bulb is ALL Polarity with bottom contact (+) or (-)
  • Focusability of the flashlight is preserved with these point source LEDs
  • Brighter Light for an improved vision for enhanced visibility of fine detail
  • Longer battery life from high efficiency LED
  • Long lamp life 50,000 hours of continuous use
  • Dependable and shock-resistant
  • Easy To Install

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                                           See the difference!



1) Warning! - Do not look directly into lit LED Lamps at a close distance or shine into eyes, as they are extremely bright and could cause eye damage.


2) Warning! - For safety always follow manufactures safety and operational instructions.  


3) Caution! - Remove batteries, turn-off or disconnect power before changing bulb.




Upgrade / Replacement for standard flashlight Lamp used in many applications that take a flange base light bulb

1 to 6-cell battery-operated products (Energizer Zink, Energizer Alkaline,  PowerGenix NiZi, Energizer AA lithium, NiCad, NiMH, batteries.

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* Other for Higher Power LEDs please see our store.

We also have AA Battery D CELL Adapter Holder 1.5V Cell Converts 1, 2, 3 AA to 1 D Size

This LED is a popular style (P13.5S) bulb for Many Viewers, flashlights, and devices running on TWO batteries.

LED Bulb is ALL Polarity with bottom contact (+) or (-) 

1 LED Flashlight Lamp, For 2 "AA" Or "C" Or "D" Size Batteries

The Lamp has a STANDARD 'PR' Base - P13.5s is an International standard flanged base, 9.2mm Diameter, with flange "V" notch

******* This listing is for a 5-Watt Cree 255+ Lumens 3.0V LED PR Lamp *****
                              (Flashlights and batteries are not included)

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