LED 5W E10 Screw Base All Polarity Bulb for 3V Realist, View-Master Viewers 1.5-9V

LED 5W E10 Screw Base All Polarity Bulb for 3V Realist, View-Master Viewers 1.5-9V

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New Universal Polarity LED upgrade for 3V lights!

---- No need to reverse the polarity of the batteries ----

Use in Viewers like Realist and View-Master Viewers will provide very bright light with daylight temperature.  250 Lumen (3Volts)

Bright, Long Life, Constant Brightness, 5W - LED Upgrade Bulb for *** 1 to 6 *** Cell Flashlights, 1.5- 9 Volts 

LED Flashlight Lamp E10 Scew Bulbs Also for Standard 2-C,  2-D, 2-AA Cell Flashlights  for 1 to 6-Cells

LED E10 Bulb to upgrade standard E10 Bulb with Screw base lights to bright, long-lasting LED 


                        for superior brightness, efficiency, and longevity for Less 

Note: This constant current driver is the best, being able to operate from ½ the rated voltage and still having 

constant brightness to get the most out of the batteries.

Please consider other Draco Products LEDs which may fit your application:


 ☛ ·      Buy two sets or more, the right bulb is hard to find and you'll have them for next time


·        Standard Lamp used in many applications that take a screw base light bulb

·        For 1-6 Cell Battery operated product with ( Alk, Zink, Li, NiCad, NiMh, Ect.)

·        For 3 "AAA" Or "AA" Or "C" Or "D" Size Batteries, Screw Base

·        Very popular style of bulb for Many Viewers, flash lights, and devices that run on two batteries


Direct Replacement for: 2 C/D Cell E10 Screw BULBS

--- Super Bright Led's for Less --- 

Simply replace your existing bulb with this LED – no modifications necessary!

  • Works with standard 1-Cell, 2-Cell, to 6-cell flashlights with Screw bulb
  • Minimizes battery and bulb replacement waste
  • LED Bulb is Standard Polarity with bottom contact (+) Flange (-)
  • Focusability of flashlight is preserved with these point source LEDs
  • Brighter Light for improved vision for enhanced visibility of fine detail
  • Longer battery life from high efficiency LED
  • Long lamp life 50,000 hours of continuous use
  • Dependable and shock resistant
  • Easy To Install

See the difference!


* Increased Brightness and Longer Battery life run time.

                                         Standard PR LED vs. Incandescent  



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