Maglite 4 Cell C & D Replacement Maglight Bulb MAG-NUM Star II Xenon + LED INFO

Maglite 4 Cell C & D Replacement Maglight Bulb MAG-NUM Star II Xenon + LED INFO

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Maglite 4 Cell C & D Replacement Bulb  XENON Mag-num Star II Magnum - 

          (LED INFO) below

Maglite Replacement Lamp for 4-Cell C & D Flashlight, 1 pk

Use this XENON 176 Lumen (5.2 Volt NiCad batteries) - 284 LUMEN (6.0 Volt New Alkaline batteries) PR Bulb to upgrade standard P13.5S bulb Maglite 

                            176 - 284 Lumens 5.2-6.0 Volts

Simply replace your existing bulb with this bulb – no modifications necessary!

             Please See below our LED upgrade info for Maglite's

STOP: YOUR  MAGLITE  or Flashlight Must use this type of PR Flange base bulb for the XENON or  LED upgrade to work.



·         These Xenon bulbs have a brighter spot beam focused in the Maglite with new batteries but will have a shortened bulb and battery life.

·         The LEDs will be brighter than the bulbs as the batteries discharge and should never need replacement. For some uses you may prefer the Xenon bulb option over the LED.

·         LED will have about a 4x-5x longer run time and be bright with near constant brightness with new or half-used batteries or even work with NiCad or Lithium batteries. 


                    --- Super Bright Led's for Less --- 

STOP:  We also recommend LED Lamp PR Bulbs for Maglite for Standard (4 -Cell) C, D, 6-Volt Flashlights 

4-Cell LED in the 4-C or 4-D Cell Lights. 6.0-Volt (4.8V – 6.0 Volts)

520 Lumen - Cree LED 10W Bulb for MAGLITE® 4-Cell Flashlights 6 Volt Torch

     520 Lumens 4-Cell 6.0V

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