PR4 Bulb Lamp 2.33V .27A for Two Size "AA" or "C" or "D" Cell Battery Flashlight

PR4 Bulb Lamp 2.33V .27A for Two Size "AA" or "C" or "D" Cell Battery Flashlight

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PR4 Bulb Lamp 2.33V .27A for Two Size "AA, C, D" Cell Battery Flashlights   



 ·       Buy two now and you save on shipping, the right bulb is hard to find, and you'll have a spare for next time.

STOP! - We also have GREAT Bulb Upgrade LEDs made for flashlights with 2-cell lights!


 We recommend these regulated LEDs to get the most light out of your batteries to be bright on low voltage (Weak, Half dead) batteries 

 Will deliver a high brightness from 2 – 9V when batteries are new or half discharged!

Wouldn't You rather have LEDs that are much brighter and long-lasting for your flashlights:

·      Best LEDs - 5.0W CREE at 211+ lumens - LED Upgrade PR Bulb for LUMILITE Flashlights Z-2D Z-2C Z-2AA 1-9V

·      Best LEDs - 3W Epistar at 200+ Lumens - LED Upgrade Bulb for MAG-LITE® 1 to 6 Cell Flashlights 0.4A, 1- 9 Volt

·      Value LEDs - LED LIGHT BULB UPGRADES Flashlight COB Lamp 3.0V for C D AA 2-Cell (16-220) Lumen

Simply replace your existing bulb with this LED – no modifications necessary.

This incandescent bulb is:

·       5  Lumens at 2.33V and 0.27A

·       Item as shown accurately described w/clear pics.

·       For 2 Batteries, Flange BaseFor 2  "C" Size Batteries (Will also work with "AAA" Or "AA" Or "D") Battery operated products 

·       Sold in 1ea- Protective Lamp Wrap 

·       Replacement bulb for other numbers (See Specification and Reference list attached)



·        Standard Lamp used in many applications that take a screw base light bulb

·        2-cell battery-operated product (Zink, Alkaline, NiCad, NiMH)

·        For 2  "C" Size Batteries, Flange Base (Will also work with "AAA" Or "AA" Or "D")

·        Very popular style of bulb for Many Viewers, flashlights, and devices that run on two batteries


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